Watford Men’s 1st team win London League Ref’s Cup after four year absence….

Thursday 12th December at Hab’s Boys School was a vary good night for the Men’s 1st team as they won the London League Referees Cup beating Guildford 26-15 (22-3 without handicap) a fourth success in Nine year’s winning in 2011, 2012, 2015 & 2019.
Having made the final in 2018 it was good to go one better in 2019.
London League Ref's Cup Final - Final Score - Dec 2019

London League Ref’s Cup Final – Final Score – Dec 2019

Needing to overturn an eight goal deficit the team won each qtr 9-2, 6-0, 3-1, 4-0 and set about reducing the margin in earnest and were 2-0 up within 29 secs play with a double from Sam Carling.

Guildford pulled one back for 2-1 but with seven goals in as many minutes had Watford level on handicap at 13-13. Guildford scored the last goal of the qtr to move back in front on the handicap 13-14.

The second period started with a bang as Cameron Baker scored within 5 secs of the start then on the next attack won a penalty which he converted to take the lead at 15-14. Four further goals in the period had the team 15-2 up and 19-15 on handicap at the half- way point.

The second half and a further seven goals took the game firmly away from Guildford and cement a well deserved Cup win for Watford.
Winning Watford Men's team with Ref's Cup - Dec 2019

Winning Watford Men’s team with Ref’s Cup – Dec 2019

Watford Goalie Peter Pickford receives the Ref's Cup from Referee Mick Bowerfield - Dec 2019

Watford Goalie Peter Pickford receives the Ref’s Cup from Referee Mick Bowerfield – Dec 2019


Team and Goal scorers in brackets:

Peter Pickford (GK), Baker (2), Alex Norcliffe (2), Andy Holt (2), Josh Silverbeck (4), Sam Parry (1), Carling (4),Tom Kelly (3), Matthew Irish (1), Zac Corcoran (2), Nandi Cesh, John Pickford (1).


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