Watford duo Pickford & Walshe off to play in EU Nations tournament…

This weekend coming two of Watford’s 1st team players will be representing their countries at the EU Nations tournament to be held in Prague, Czech Republic between the 18th & 20th May.

Goaile Peter Pickford will be part of the England team & Centre Forward Ciaran Walshe will be part of the Ireland team. Goran Sablic another member of Watford’s British water Polo team will be coaching the Ireland side at this year’s event.

GB Goalie Peter Pickford Hands Up who's going to the EU Nations...

GB Goalie Peter Pickford Hands Up who’s going to the EU Nations…

Ten countries will compete for the Gold medal in Sunday’s final, split into two groups of five.

England in Group B will play four matches and open against Switzerland on Friday morning (11.00am) before facing host Nation Czech Republic in the evening (17.45pm). Saturday morning the team then play Lithuania (11.30am) before finishing against Denmark on Saturday evening (17.45pm).

Under the tournaments rules England will need to finish top of their Group if they are to compete for the Gold medal on Sunday.

Ireland in Group A will also play four matches & open against Belguim on Friday (10.15am) and then face Singapore (19.00pm) who thought Singapore was in the EU only in sport can Nations be drawn together in such a way.

Ciaran Walshe hoping to make big impression in Prague...

Ciaran Walshe hoping to make big impression in Prague…

On Saturday Ireland then play Wales (10.15am) and then South Africa (15.15pm) another lesser known EU Nation!!

On Sunday games will be played based on each teams group finish and the day starts with each fifth-place team facing off against each other to decide ninth/Tenth places. Then it’s the turn of the fourth placed teams and so on until the first-place teams in each group play off for that Gold medal from 14.20pm.

The England squad named for the Prague EU Nations is as follows:-
Matt Holland, Dylan Green, Peter Pickford, Dan Paddon, Aaron Winstanley, Chris Armstrong, Ciaran James, Jack Waller, Tom  Curwen, Jake Vincent, Rob Parker (Captain), Jordan Elliot, Joel Leighton, Joel Abbott, Ryan Padbury.

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