Watford 2nds beat League Leaders Guildford to stay in hunt for title…

Watford 2nds-Guildford match report, 11th March 2018 – written by Mike Eggleton

Having previously lost the away fixture, the team were hoping that a full squad and home advantage would give them the points this time as a win over League Leaders Guildford would close the gap to three points & with games to come against London Otter would remain firmly in the hunt for the Winter League Div Two title.


Team v Guildford:

Chris Jones, Steve Brassington, Danny Davies, Wayne Davies, Will Eggleton, Neil Haftel, Richard Hime, Matt Irish, William Morris, Adam Page, John Pickford, Luke Sperry, George.

The first quarter dragged on with the coach and spectators wondering if either team realized the purpose of the game was to score goals. Back and forth they went with not a goal in sight. Perhaps each team felt they needed a longer swim warm-up before getting into the polo.

Richard Hime denied Guildford the lead with some stout defending, with not a major foul nor sharp words for the refs. This allowed Danny to finally break the deadlock with a long range shot from a corner from brother Wayne. Adam followed up with his own long-range effort to give Watford a 2-0 lead at the end of a tortuous first quarter.

The polo took centre stage in the second quarter, as Guildford scored on a man-up. They’d soon brought the scores level, as they exploited a Watford miss to counter and get their second goal. Guildford then took advantage of yet another wasted man-up by Watford to take the lead. Watford were under real pressure now. A great save from Chris on man-down allowed Luke to score on the counter, bringing things level again. Step up Mr Hime to show us how to convert a man-up, restoring the Watford lead. This ignited the Davies boys into action: first Wayne fed Danny on the counter for a goal; then Danny scored from long range in the dying seconds for Watford to end the quarter 6-3 up.

Guildford started the third quarter with a goal. But Wayne then picked out Will, who touched the ball in from the post on a man-up.  Both teams then traded goals to bring it to 8-5. Guildford scored again to close the gap. Two quick goals from Adam gave Watford some breathing space, finishing the quarter 10-6.

Guildford did not give up, quickly clawing back two goals at the start of the final quarter. The second was from a rather dubious tackle on our goalie. At the other end, Danny did a good impression of a submarine, with Wayne stepping up to convert the foul into a goal, before rescuing his big brother from the depths. Guildford continued with their master class in man-ups, converting their final one to make the final score an 11-9 win for Watford.

Next Game is London Otter at Home on Sunday 18th March.

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