Watford 2nds win at Ealing to keep title hopes alive….

The 2nd team made the short trip to Gurnell Pool, Ealing last night in search of a win that would keep their London League Div One title chances alive.

Ealing are current league leaders having won all eight games but a win for our 2nd team will enhance our chances of pipping them to the Div One title.


Team: Chris Jones (GK), Stephen Brassington, Richard Hime, Wayne Davis, Danny Davis, Josh Silverbeck, Will Eggleton, Petar Djordjic, Jack Pickford.

So, to set the scene, a 6 lane narrow-ish pool, very, very shallow goals, and let’s say, a rather hap-hazard “table”. One ref, and the formidable opposition of Ealing, and we are ready to start.

Qtr 1: Ealing come in at us hard. Tight marking and pressing, meant they were 4-0 up fairly quickly. Wayne scores on man up to finally get Watford off zero. Another goal follows courtesy of Jack from the arc, and Chris made 2 great saves late in the Qtr to keep Ealing from pulling further ahead, which finished at 4-2 to Ealing.

Qtr 2: Wayne and Petar score early in the Qtr to bring Watford level at 4-4, then Petar gives Watford the lead by scoring again 4-5. Ealing soon retaliate, levelling the score off, before Danny slams one in to bring Watford back, now at 5-6 in the lead! Ealing respond quickly and with two goals retake the lead at 7-6, with Half Time nearly up Jack finds space at the far post to level game again at 7-7.

Q3: Ealing, with renewed determination, score early to restore their lead at 8-7, but Richard shows them Watford are not to be messed with, and pulls his side level again from the top of the arc for 8-8. More great saves by Chris keeps Watford ahead by a whisker, then Petar scores, followed by an Ealing cheeky goal, bringing it back level 9-9. More end to end stuff, and unfortunately Watford have a penalty awarded against them, BUT Chris saves it! The Qtr finishes 9-9.

Chris Jones ready for another Ealing attack...

Chris Jones ready for another Ealing attack…

Qtr 4: Both teams looking a tad tired now having played three 12 minute quarters, with end to end swimming, and tough marking meant both teams had to dig deep for this last period.

This could go either way… So in true “Davis brothers” style, both score to give Watford a lead of 2 at 9-11, but Ealing pull one back for 10-11 for Watford to lead by one and in a very tense last few minutes we hang on…and finally the whistle is blown preventing Ealing from drawing level or snatching victory.

Final score 11-10 to Watford. Well done all, great goals, some solid defending and quick saves.

Three games of the London League season to play & we must win all three & improve our goal difference to pip Ealing to the title on a better goal handicap:

Thursday 21st Sept – Reading v Watford 2nds

Sunday 15th Oct – Watford 2nds v Avondale

Thursday 26th Oct – Kingston v Watford 2nds (Half term week – so we may move game)

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