Watford 1st team fall short in effort to beat Beckenham in close game…

Watford 1st Team-Beckenham match report, 14th March 2018 – Match report written by Mike Eggleton our roving reporter…
Team: Aril Pandya, Steve Behr, Nandi Cseh, Danny Davis, Petar Djordjic, Will Eggleton, Andy Holt, Matt Irish, Dan Kattan, Adam Page, Paul Skerm.
At last, we got to play a much-re-arranged Winter League Div One home match against a strong Beckenham side. And what an entertaining match it proved to be for the crowd of four supporters.
Watford started the first quarter off in positive fashion. Nandi quickly got us off the mark with a long-range shot. Paul followed up with a 5m effort on man-up. Another long range shot from Nandi gave Watford a seemingly comfortable 3-0 lead. But that’s not to say Beckenham weren’t in the game. Some great saves from Aril had kept them off the score sheet, for now. Their first goal came off a man-up, and was quickly followed by a second, despite a great reaction save from Aril. Suddenly it was 3-3 after Beckenham capitalized on Watford’s confusion following a rebound from the crossbar. Fortunately, Danny was on hand to stop the rot, scoring from 5m on a man-up. 4-3 to Watford.
Aril Pandya - made some great saves v Beckenham
Aril Pandya – made some great saves v Beckenham
It was end-to-end stuff for the first two minutes of the second quarter, before Adam broke the deadlock with a cheeky lob. But Watford soon lost some of its firepower, as Nandi committed his third major foul of the match. Matt Irish made it 6-3 with a push shot, after being fed a pinpoint pass from Will. Aril continued to pull off a series of great saves, rescuing Watford as our defence was outnumbered once again. Beckenham managed to get one goal back, ending the quarter 6-4 to Watford.
Watford moved 7-4 ahead at the start of the third quarter, as Dan Kattan picked out Will, who fired in from the left wing on a man-up. But the Beckenham number 4 now started to turn threat into miserable reality, shrugging off two defenders to score from the pit. An Andy Holt counter fed Danny, who blindly flicked the ball over the goalie to make it 8-5. But Beckenham responded with intent, scoring two quick goals to leave with Watford with a slender one goal lead, as the quarter ended 8-7.
After a long-range shot, which was just too much Aril, brought the match level, the Beckenham number 4 stepped up a gear to give us all a masterclass in match winning. Three – yes three – quick goals from the pit suddenly put Beckenham firmly in control with an 11-8 lead. In the dying minutes, Andy lobbed their keeper not once, not twice, but three times. Will also set up Danny for a neat back-flick goal from 2m.
But every time we closed the gap, Beckenham opened it up again. Despite this flurry of Watford goals, the match ended with a 14-12 win to Beckenham.
Thanks to Nicola and Steve for manning the table, and (almost) managing to keep the scoreboard on track.


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