Final round of BWPL Phase One matches for 1st team this weekend….

This weekend (24th & 25th Nov) at Habs Boys school our men’s 1st team play their final three matches of this season’s Division Two campaign. 


The team has three matches against London League rivals West London Penguins at Noon on Saturday then face Scottish side Portobello at 5.00pm Saturday evening before finishing their phase one campaign on Sunday lunchtime (12.30pm) against West country side City of Bristol.

With the team only four points off fifth position the final spot required for promotion into Championship One for the second half of the season, the team has a slender chance to make the cut but do require maximum points from the weekend’s matches.

The permutations are simple for the weekend, win three matches and if both Scottish sides Caledonian or Portobello fail to win either of their two games each then Watford would sneak into that all important fifth berth and promotion into Championship One..

With the games being played locally what will also help the team is a large vocal crowd to cheer them on..

Edi gives a thrid quarter team talk...

Head coach Edi Brkovic commented ahead of the weekend:

“We have to keep believing that we can make the cut and focus on our job and win our games, if we do that and things go our way we will be happy”.

BWPL 1st team squad:

 Peter Pickford, Will Eggleton, Nandi Cseh, John Pickford, Jared Baker, Danny Davis, David Koncz, Cameron Baker, Wayne Davis, Adam Holt, Petar Djordjic, Jack Pickford, Jack Warman, Adam Page


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