Watford 1st team beat Croydon in London League Premier Division….

Match Report – Watford 1st team v Croydon – London League Premier Division, Whitgift School 23rd July, 2018 – Match Report written by Mike Eggleton…

9 o’clock, and with just three Watford players poolside, it looked like I might have to don my Speedos to make up the numbers. Fortunately, Mrs Eggleton’s blushes were spared by the arrival of six players, who’d been outside, taking in the last rays of sun.

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Watford 2nds continue winning run in LL Div One…

It was good to see a strong squad of 13 players turning out on a such a sunny day. Rumours that Edi was down the pub watching the Croatia-Denmark match were false, apparently. He was down at Croydon with the Ladies, so Cameron Baker stepped in to coach the squad; although he refused to change his name to Bakervic for the occasion. With such a strong team he opted to rotate two groups of six outfield players.

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