38 Watford Juniors ready for East Region Grand Prix Finals Day…

Finals Day at Basildon Sports Village on Saturday afternoon/evening & Watford’s Juniors are ready to claim the 2003 & 2005 titles.

ASA East Region logo.

The tournament starts on Saturday afternoon with the 2005 age group & Watford have two teams the A team will complete for the title against Colchester & Northampton & the B team will challenge for the Plate against Chelmsford & East Girls.

On to Saturday evening and our 2003 squad split into two teams A & B will also compete for the title & plate.

The A team will face Chelmsford in the semi-finals & should they win will then face the winners of the other semi-final between Ipswich & Colchester for the title.

The B team are in the plate competition & will play four games in a round-robin format against Team Herts, Northampton, Norwich & Suffolk Coastal.

Watford 2005 & Older travelling Party:

Sabrina Radzik-Rahman, Coen Kazum, Jack Leeson, Dylan Munday, Bryce Myburgh, Tanush Pandey, Arish Patel, Luka Shaw, Eric Sirghi, Ana Shaw, Lara Atkinson, Alex Chambers, Charles Ryans, Dusan Crompton, Oliver Munday.

Watford U13's London League Champions are ready to claim ER Grand Prix Title...

Watford U13′s London League Champions are ready to claim ER Grand Prix Title…

Watford 2003 & Older travelling Party:

Jack Leeson, Arav Bhatia, Tobias Molnar, Laura Page, Dylan Munday, Misha Patel, Ishan Patel, Coen Kazum, Bryce Myburgh, Sabrina Radzik-Rahman, Sahil Shah, Farida Wael, Benji Furrer, Zak Kovacs, Jacob Halperin, Kiran Patel, Elias Thierry, Max Cohen, Arish Patel.

Watford A team - East Region 2003 Grand Prix

Watford A team – East Region 2003 Grand Prix





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