2nds win again to cement second spot in London League Division One….

Watford 2nds v Croydon 2nds. LL Div One – Whitgift Monday 31st July

Match report by Will Eggleton…

A win was required to maintain second place in table and with five games to play, three away from home it was important for the team to keep winning.



Chris Jones (GK), Steve B (Brasso), Neil Haftel,  Jack Warman, James Warman, Adam Page, Adam Nash, George Sadler, Jarryd Myburgh, Will Eggleton, Petar Djordjic with Steve Chambers as Team Manager and Edi Brkovic Head Coach.

Well, Watford had 11 players, arrive early and were warming up a good 10 mins before play….. Croydon had 4… it wasn’t looking good. Finally they had 5, followed by a 6th – they were drifting in… Watford still warming up nicely. After a swap of hats to give Croydon two of our players, it looked like the official game was off and we had all come down for a friendly… then finally a 7th Croydon player trickled in… the match was back on!

Q1: Watford quickly take the lead, making full use of Croydon having an outfield player in goal…Adam N, George and James all score quickly. This flurry of goals was added to by Adam P and Brasso. giving Watford a 5-0 lead. Croydon scored in the last few seconds to make the Q 5-1 to Watford.

Watford 2nds team talk - end of 1st Qtr v Croydon 2nds....

Watford 2nds team talk – end of 1st Qtr v Croydon 2nds….

Q2: Watford, keen to keep the pressure on, bring the score up to 6-1, courtesy of George, Croydon fire back, then Watford retaliate – a great backhander in the pit by Petar. Croydon score again, then Will scores. Back and forth both teams went … the Q ended with Watford still in the lead: 8-3.

Q3: Croydon’s half time team talk brought them results- they scored 3 in quick succession…suddenly they are only 2 goals behind. Croydon swapped out their “goalie” resulting in a rather hefty pit player now as Watford’s new challenge. Jarryd and Will score in this Q to make the score 10-6 .

Q4: Croydon again come out strong – the breather between quarters giving their meagre 7 players a quick rest. They scored 2. James was having none of that and replied back with 2 for Watford. Croydon hammered their last goal home, and Adam P did the honours for Watford. Final score: 13-9 to Watford.

Next LL Div One fixture – Sunday 3rd Sept v Croydon 2nds @ Woodside 7.30pm start.

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