2nd team back top of Div One after victory over Kingston…

Our Men’s 2nd team returned too the top of the London League Div One after a comfortable win this evening at Woodside on Sunday evening beating Kingston 22-8.
Qtr scores were 3-1, 5-1, 6-3, 8-3.
wp458d6fd5_06In what was really a one-sided game the team increased their goal tally each quarter as the game progressed as Kingston began to tire scoring eight goals in the final period.

The goals were split across eight different players with our left handers doing the majority of the damage scoring a total of twelve. It just goes to prove how important a left sided attacking player can be in a water polo side with over 85% of all polo players right handed this extra attacking option is a real bonus.

The game opened with Watford establishing a 3-0 lead before Kingston registered their first.

The second period saw the team run in five more for 8-1 before Kingston found a way through a solid Watford defence to reach Half time at 8-2.

The second half and we scored after only 10 secs. Adam Page won the swim off the passed the ball inside and continued his swim to goal were he collected the ball again to slot home for 9-2. A well worked, slick goal. More goals followed as the score climbed to 11-2. Both sides then traded goals for 14-4 before Kingston scored the last of the quarter at 14-5.

The final period and coach Nándor Cseh put his starting seven back in the water and they scored four unanswered goals for 18-5. Chris Jones saved a penalty during this goal feast to keep Kingston quite. Kingston did score with 3.53 to play but back came Watford and scored another double for 20-6. Another penalty for Kingston with 2.59 remaining made it 20-7.  A goal from each side moved the score onto 21-8 and with only .38 seconds remaining Kingston conceded a major foul and from the man-up Craig Nicholls scored the final goal of the evening as Watford rounded off a comfortable win 22-8.

Next up for our 2nd team will be a top of the table clash against second placed Guildford next Sunday evening (7th July) at Woodside.

The team v Kingston (Goals)
Chris Jones, Andy Holt (2), Matt Irish, Craig Nicholls (1), Alun Dorrington (1), Yalin Gulen, Alex Norcliffe (2), Will Morris, Wayne Davis (8), Matt Molnar, Tom Kelly (3), Richard Hime (2), Adam Page (3).

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