1st team beat Croydon in commanding performance in Premier Division…

Tonight at Woodside our 1st team faced Croydon in a critical London League Premier Div game.


The team currently sit sixth in the table but with four games at home including tonights plus one away the team need to rediscover their Premier Div form after two straight defeats and move up the table with a win starting against Croydon.

Peter Pickford(GK), James Warman, Andy Holt, Wayne Davis, Sam Carling, Ciaran Walshe, Paul Skerm, Steven Behr, Cameron Baker, John Pickford, Jack Warman, Alex Norcliffe, Will Eggleton.

Match report written by Julie Eggleton….

A strong and powerful Watford squad met Croydon’s first team tonight… it was going to be tough but the Watford coach looked quietly confident… he had a game plan.

The table supported by Steve, Neil and Drago, along with 2 refs promised a well managed evening.

Qtr 1: Whistle blows and the game commences. Croydon start strongly and go straight into attack with several attempts at goal but our GB Goalie Peter just back from the World Student games was in fine form & tonight he proved his GB No1 status with some excellent saves. James Warman playing Pit defence was frustrating the Croydon attack, twice denying Croydon a goal, and Croydon limp out of pit with nothing to show. With the ball back in Watford’s possession, Andy scores from centre, the ball passed in to him by Ciaran. Sam soon follows up with a great back-shot, fed by Andy. Croydon retaliate quickly with a close range back-shot, just a tad too fast for Peter… he wouldn’t let them do that again! The Qtr finishes 2-1 to Watford.

Qtr 2: The game was starting to open up with some end to end play, both teams trying to score, but both goalies making some great saves. Croydon scored first to level & they then snatched the lead at 2-3 after some tense play. Paul Skerm found himself one on one against a Croydon heavy. After some tousling Paul gets sent out and Croydon are a man up. After Croydon’s timeout, they form up but it leads no where and Watford are back in control. Andy Holt-the-Bolt shot off up the pool on a counter, performed a beauty of a back shot to get Watford level at 3-3. With seconds remaining until half time, Ciaran had the ball on the right wing & with his back to goal executed a super back shot that beat the Croydon goalie at the near post from 5 meters out to move Watford in front again at 4-3.

HT – 4-3 Watford.

Watford on the attack Vs Croydon - LL Premier Div..

Watford on the attack Vs Croydon – LL Premier Div..

Qtr 3: Following a HT pep talk from coach Edi the team came out with the bit between their teeth, Jack Warman gets a goal with a near lopping shot, some solid defending from Wayne showed Croydon how determined the Watford squad are! More end to end play followed with both teams hitting the woodwork at times. With Five mins to go Cami spotted Sam free near goal,  a pass into him, and Sam pushed another in for Watford. 6-3 up now. Team play was starting to work well now with some nice combinations, Cami to Jack to Steve Behr who slams in a nice sliding shot! under the arms of the Croydon goalie into the far corner for 7-3. James keeps up some solid defensive work keeping Croydon off the score sheet. The ball, back in Watford’s possession gives Sam a chance at goal. He is one on one with a Croydon defender, Sam turns him and blasts a ball into the net! 8-3 to Watford.

Qtr 4: Quick rest and back in for the final seven mins. Croydon fail to convert a man up, Watford press on with an attack, it leads no where and then it’s Croydon’s turn again. More water rugby in the pit gives away a penalty opportunity to Croydon. They line up, take the shot, but Peter saves it! Spurred on, Watford carry on…Ciaran to Will to Jack … bam another goal for Watford. The Cami – Sam duo repeat their teamwork, and Sam scores with another back shot. Now 10-3. In the last few minutes, Watford get their chance to convert a penalty, having beaten Croydon with more pit defending. Coach Edi calls up the youngster in the water… Jack Warman, who calmly takes it and succeeds in taking Watford to 11-3.

A great evening’s entertainment enjoyed, supported and clapped by Watford’s spectators: 2 sets of parents, and Adam.. well done Watford 1st’s.

After the game Watford Chairperson Nikki Baker commented “A great result for the team, eight players “home grown” through the Watford Junior programme..the future is bright”

Those Eight home Grown Players were – Peter & John Pickford, James & Jack Warman, Cami Baker, Sam Carling, Will Eagleton, Alex Norcliffe. The Future is very much burning brightly..

Next LL Premier Div game is Wednesday 27th September @ Woodside Vs WL Penguin

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